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I am writing this letter on behalf of a starred (prohibited from studying) PhD student.
I am writing this letter on behalf of a flogged worker on first of May.
I am writing this letter on behalf of a sentenced to death teenager.
I am writing this letter on behalf of a sentenced to death by stone woman.
I am writing this letter on behalf of Saeed Valadbeygi.

It has been so many years that we are fighting for our basic rights.You detain and imprison us,torture and flog us.Execute and exile us but we still stand firm.
On the international women's day we announced that women and men are equal and condemned any kind of sexual discrimination,but after all you executed your men partisan and medieval rules against women.On the first day of May(International worker's day)we announced that we have to get paid and we announced that we are going the same way that workers are going in the whole world and we have same goals and asked you to put an end to the tyranny against immigrant workers.But you imprisoned us and kept us in the worst conditions ever and tortured us.You flogged workers because they participate in international worker's day and charged them with the high fines.
On the international children's day, we announced that children is first and you do not have the right to sexually and physically abuse them.You do not have the right to use them as a cheap silent work force but you still you took advantage of them in the streets and workshops.
On the student's day( 16th of Azar),we announced that, do not execute, do not stone to death,put an end to the conquests(Shari'a)rules against humanity and let the university-as it implies from its name-be a place to study and produce human and science forces.But you attacked us and at night arrested our friends and send them blindfolded to the prisons.You starred and expelled us and positioned militia forces in the universities.we told you repeatedly that university is not a garrison(military area)and asked you to emit your forces out of universities but you attacked our class rooms and dormitories and injured students.Today is one of our friend's funeral ...yes,I am talking about Kianoush Asa, the one that you killed him in prison and under torture.

We cried(shouted) repeatedly and of the same voice along with the global movement against children execution and asked to stop it.But you executed our Delara and you keep take children with skimpy and wobbly legs to the gallows.
We announced that Iranian people are not militant and they do not want destruct any generation, race or color.Our slogan was"One identity,the human identity"and"one land,one man".But you kept announcing your personal ideas and opinions in the name of the Iranian people.we repeatedly announced that we do not want Islamic government and you kept governing by medieval rules.

We have given you a warning and are fighting for years now.This movement which you call it dirt and brushwood is that student,woman,child and worker who you have disregarded his/her right for along time.

This is not a revolt movement of prosperous people.This is not a protest of loser voters.This is a cry of oppressed people of Iran who yell from the bottom of their hearts "death to dictator,Khamenei and Islamic republic.This cry is echo of the voices that you have heard all this years from the larynx of freedom partisans in the corner of your prison cells and pits.
Iranian people have found each other and know that your overthrow secret is in their solidarity. That is why they say "Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid!We are all together" Iranian people, men and women equal and of the one voice came to streets as they said and stood in front of your bullets.On the same day that you killed Neda,I saw another woman standing with open hands and yelling "Shoot, shoot, kill me too".This is your overthrow movement that cries in the streets"I will kill who killed my brother".
It will not be too late,history will repeat for you one more time and Freedom and Equality would be the Iranian message to the whole world.

But I am Saeed Valadbeygi ; The student worker who has been in your detentions and prisons so many times.The starred student ,you expelled him from university and the worker who spent the best years of his life in exile and prison.I am the cry (shout) of the common pain who has clenched his fists stronger in all these years to yell "death to DICTATOR" today and stronger than ever.Do not frighten me of death.It has been few days that you put my family under the sever pressure and attacked my place so many times but each and every time you have failed and been the looser.This pressure and creating the fear and panic atmosphere can not stop our friends and their families in the middle of their freedom road because we are aware that in our freedom way , we do not have anything to lose except for our chains.Your act might interrupt our activities,perhaps we lose our dearest ones and best moments of our lives in that way but your interruption will never be able to stop us.

Look ,I'm green,pretty colored and fecund

Look ,I'm leafy,full of foliage and robust

Although wounded of ax holder's revenge,

But still am rooted in the land,glorious!!

Supposedly, you think I'm down on the floor

And my young stems are wounded by your ax impacts

what you will do with the root??

I suppose that over the roof

A bird is await

Will mark the flight as prohibited??!!

What you will do with the chick birds in the nest??!!

I suppose that the cracks man sloven wind,

Passing loudly with a drunky Vociferation,

What will you do to the alight full of song morning??!!

I suppose , you can beat

I suppose , you can take

I suppose , you can kill

What will you do to the sprout inevitable germination??!!

Do not imagine me gone

As I'm history and am in mind

I'm mixed with these people's pain

Like if I'm the cry , I'm the cry , I'm the cry

Poem in Persian:

ببین سرسبز و خوشرنگ و برومندم

ببین پر برگ و پرشاخ و تنومندم

اگر چه زخمی از کین تبر داران،

ولیکن ریشه در خاکم، چنینم من: شکوهمندم!!

گیرم که در باورتان به خاک نشسته ام

و ساقه های جوانم از ضربه های تبرهاتان زخم دار است

با ریشه چه می کنید؟!!

گیرم که بر سر این بام

بنشسته در کمین پرنده ای

پرواز را علامت ممنوع می زنید!

با جوجه های نشسته در آشیانه چه می کنید؟!!

گیرم که باد هرزه شبگرد

با های و هوی نعره مستانه در گذر باشد

با صبح روشن پرترانه چه می کنید؟!!

گیرم که می زنید

گیرم که می برید

گیرم که می کشید

با رویش ناگزیر جوانه چه می کنید؟!!

مپندارید که بر بادم

که من تاریخم و یادم

چنان با درد این مردم اجینم من

که پنداری که فریادم که فریادم که فریادم

خسرو گلسرخی



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