terça-feira, junho 16, 2009


Mass protests are breaking out across Iran
, sparked by outrage at the mounting evidence that the Ahmadinejad government has rigged and stolen Thursday's election.

Despite a growing crackdown and the banning of a mass march in Tehran today, millions of brave Iranian men and women are going to the streets crying out for democracy -- see pictures and video opposite. This is a crucial week for Iran and the world: either democracy and diplomacy triumph, or tyranny and militarism will.

Iranians are courageously calling on their leaders for democracy and justice. Let’s stand with them -- sign the emergency petition below, then spread the word:

Petition to Iranian government and world leaders:

We stand together as citizens of Iran and the world, and call for an immediate end to the crackdown on protesters and a full investigation into electoral anomolies. A free, fair and transparent election should be held. Until this is done, we call on international leaders to withhold recognition of any new government.

GO HERE AND SIGN THE PETITION http://www.avaaz.org/en/for_the_people_of_iran/?cl=254446369&v=3486

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