sexta-feira, novembro 26, 2010

native indigenous people of the Xingu river of the Amazon Rainforest are being threatened with destruction

Performance: Poem The Shaman's Dream (português)
Poem: Eliakim Rufino (Manaus - Amazon - Brazil)
Performer:Inca Ramirez
Câmera: Oscarina (Venezuela)
Melodic Flute:Damião (Chile)
Music: The forest's sounds
Xequeré: Juliana Belota

A Yanomami shaman dreamed
the smoke of civilization
would open a hole in the sky
and the sky would fall on the floor

The shaman decided to warn
what the dream meant
but no one stopped to listen
few people tried to understand

Long after this dream
science might then find
the hole in the ozone layer
is where the sky may fall

My dream is that nothing happens
That life did not end
The shaman does not disappear
that the dream is not real


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