quinta-feira, outubro 28, 2010

Santo Daime church in Asland - Oregon - FREEDOM FOR SACRED MEDICINES

Church of Daime - DenizenTV.com from Ross Williams on Vimeo.
A short documentary about the Santo Daime Church, based in Ashland, Oregon. Pastor Jonathan Goldman talks about what they do at the church and their legal battle with the Government. Shot on Canon Mark II 5d
 Originally Produced for: http://denizentv.com

 Shot by: Jason Cohoon
 Produced by: Mara Jackson

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Cézar Reli disse...


My name is Cezar, I'm from Brazil and I'm 27 years old. In Brazil I used to participate in the works of Santo Daime. Now I am living in Las Vegas and I am looking for a Santo Daime Curch. In January I will move to San Diego. Could you help´me, please? Can you aswer me to my e-mail: cezar.reli@gmai.com Since now I thank you andI wait for your answer.

Best Regards,

Cézar Junqueira Reli