segunda-feira, novembro 09, 2009


what I have to say to my brothers and sisters is to be united in the doctrine, with our Madrinhas and Padrinhos cause this doctrine is a holy one and its pure, with love and justice into the church so will we'll have a good work for us that stay here in Mapia and for the other that are far away from here. I beg God, Pad Sebastiao and Master Irineu to bless all my brothers and sister, for everybody correct themselves, my brothers and sisters correct yourselves, correct yourselves my brothers and sisters, cause things are serious and will be even more serious.
I'm asking to my brothers and sister, I'm nothing, but I always know something of the doctrine, of truth, cause this doctrine is a holy truth, from Master Irineu and Padriho Sebastiao, so I ask to my brothers and sisters to unite, to stop confusion, cause being united our doctrine will go in front isn't it?
Being united, stop confusion, stop fights, cause what Pad Sebastiao and Master Irineu wanted was UNION, and union make us strong, if we all united into our church with Pad Alfredo, cause his suffering for our brothers and sisters, so I'm asking God, to bless him, and all his family and all the brothership, so we can stay in peace with God, so this will be a very happy year for all us... that's what I ask and I give my bless to all my brothers and sisters, I ask Mestre Irineu, Padrinho Sebastiao, Jesuscrist, and the Virgen of Conception to bless us all, here in this holy doctrine, their doctrine, I ask God to bless Pad Alfredo and all we into this doctrine and make us all happy

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